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In cooperation with operators Teletech can offer fund transfer between mobile accounts. The Tele E-Prepay System m-Transfer solution addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional mechanisms to transfer funds between accounts. The Teletech's system provides distributors and retailers the ability to research unsuccessful transfers without the intervention of the operators support staff. An additional reporting module may also be provided with details of all transactions.

Key features of Teletech m-Transfer:
• Value transfer by distributors, retailers or consumers using mobile phone or web.
• Ability to reissue transactions without duplicating the transfer
• Extensive tracking, reporting, billing, troubleshooting and management tools
Key benefits:
• Information about sales at distributor/retailer's fingertips
• Easy to manage without intervention of the operator


Key Operations of m-Transfer System using Mobile Phone:

Flow example 2 - Teletech e-Payment through a mobile phone:



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